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Genk, Belgium

Aspect Analytics NV (AA)

Aspect Analytics is a Belgian biotechnology start-up focused on cloud-based software development and bioinformatics services in the field of spatial multi-omics. Founded in 2018, Aspect Analytics has emerged as a global leader in spatial co-registration of biological tissue sections and data integration across fundamentally different assays, including (but not limited to) mass spectrometry imaging, spatial transcriptomics, multiplexed immunofluorescence and traditional histology. Setting itself apart through vendor neutrality, Aspect Analytics possesses the unique capability of integrating and analysing data from any spatial biology modality, regardless of the source hardware or format. To this day, Aspect Analytics stands as the only spatial multi-omics bioinformatics solution provider with an ISO 27001 certification for information security management system, underscoring its commitment to data security. In addition to our growing software portfolio, Aspect Analytics acts as a research partner. Our esteemed team of bioinformaticians work in tandem with our collaborators to find customisable solutions to challenging bioinformatics studies, including new applications, technology integrations, and high-end in-depth analysis. Aspect Analytics remains at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of spatial biology and meeting the evolving needs of the biomedical and translational research community. This commitment is extended through our collaborative partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations, and academic institutions alike. Together, we strive to make impactful discoveries that transform health and well-being globally.


What is AA’s main role?

Delivering a cloud-based platform dedicated to data management and governance.

Deployment, extension and maintenance of a sophisticated cloud-based software infrastructure. This infrastructure is designed to efficiently manage, share, analyse and visualise project data. 

Providing comprehensive training to consortium stakeholders on usability and best practices, ensuring that data is stored safely and used in adherence to FAIR principles.

Leading the development of data compression algorithms that will enable safe storage of extensive data volumes (~300 TB) throughout the project duration.

Which work packages is AA involved in?

AA mainly contributes towards work package 1 and supports work packages 4, 7 and 8. 


AA’s additional commitments 

AA is committed to extending its existing software technology offering for spatial multi-omics – incorporating and maintaining new data analysis workflows, custom ontologies and interactive visualisations, including a directly managed environment within the platform for bioinformatics data processing and analysis.

AA is also committed to providing support for clinical metadata collection and both traditional and advanced histology, including spatial omics technologies (multiplexed immunofluorescence microscopy and spatial transcriptomics). Furthermore, Aspect Analytics will leverage its recognised expertise and pre-existing technology in spatial co-registration and multi-omics integration.

AA will overlay spatial proteomics, spatial transcriptomics and spatial (regional) DNA-methylation, chromosomal rearrangement (CNV) and transcriptomics analysis to generate coordinate maps. This comprehensive approach extends to cellular network analysis, where AA aims to establish correlations between marker expression, cell types, tissue regions and cell-cell interactions with patient clinicopathological endpoints.

Who will represent AA?

 Marc Claesen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Nico Verbeeck

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Alice Ly

Director of Spatial Biology Applications


Maria Mantas

Project Manager